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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

From Commercial Site Development to Exterior Residential Home Repair - Edge Construction can help you through the new construction process while completing many scopes of work!

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Commercial Site Development

We offer a vast array of scope of work for site development to include but not limited to Earthmoving, Underground utilities, Fine Grading, Stone Placement, Retaining Walls, Concrete flatwork. We are insured and bonded and can act as a GC or as a subcontractor. 

Residential Construction

We are pleased to still assist homeowners with outdoor projects ranging from inground pools, concrete flatwork, retaining walls, septic and underground utilities, along with many other projects. 

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Underground Infastructure

We install septics, sanitary mains and laterals, water mains and services, and storm sewer for private sector and municipality. 



We are licensed in several counties within south-central Indiana to install gravity systems, two tank pump systems, and Presby systems.



We have all equipment necessary to demo anything you need. No job too big or too small.



We perform all types of earthwork from detention basins, ponds, rough grade and finish grading. For finishing touches, we can seed and straw or place sod. 

Land Clearing 

Have a piece of real estate full of timber? Give us a call. We have all necessary tools and equipment to handle clearing up to 10+ acres!



Allow us to put the finishing touches on after completing your outdoor project.

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